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You are also in good hands with us with your international tax questions. Our tax team specialises in providing tax advice on cross-border situations. Examples include the incorporation and structure of subsidiaries and branches for foreign companies, intra-community VAT, salary splits, transfer pricing, acquisitions, etc. In addition, we can assist you in tax disputes with the tax authorities.

By combining our legal and tax expertise, we can relieve businesses of all their concerns.

If your enterprise operates in different countries, there is a risk that different countries may declare themselves as having taxing rights over the same income. An important practical example concerns the question of the presence of a permanent establishment abroad or in Belgium. If your Belgian company e.g. employs employees in Germany, starts a construction project in the Netherlands or buys a warehouse in France, there is a risk that these countries may deem that there is a permanent establishment. As a result, the foreign tax authorities will tax the income from this permanent establishment, while the Belgian tax authorities will try to do the same. The result would be that you would have to pay double taxes and this should obviously be avoided. We can advise you on the taxing rights of the various countries and ensure that double taxation is avoided. If necessary, we can also initiate objection proceedings with the tax authorities and assist you in legal proceedings.

We can also help you with international mergers, divisions and acquisitions. In addition, we also have experience with cross-border transfers of registered offices, whereby you have to take the exit tax into account, among other things.

Furthermore, a posting or cross-border employment can have important tax implications for the employees involved. Namely, situations may arise where employees have to pay taxes in different countries. This is known as a salary split, which may be administratively difficult but can be tax advantageous. We can help you with the administrative part, so that you and your international employees can enjoy a tax-friendly salary treatment.

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