One-Stop-Shop for Belgium

Euregio Law & Tax is the place to go for foreign companies when it comes to the establishment of a business, contract law, personnel, M&A, litigation and taxation in Belgium. The lawyers of Euregio Law & Tax are specialised in cross-border legal and tax advice and can advise you on all legal issues relating to Belgian law. We are therefore a full-service law firm for all legal issues of foreign entrepreneurs in Belgium.

Foreign companies doing business in Belgium are faced with a wide range of challenges on a daily basis. Therefore, they require us to provide them with comprehensive advice and to find practical and efficient solutions. Cross-border activities require an individual approach and specific solutions. That is why we have installed our One-Stop-Shop especially for companies from foreign countries.

Our law firm has ever since accompanied and advised foreign enterprises with registered office in Belgium or with another connection to Belgium, e.g. a foreign parent company with a Belgian subsidiary (see Establishing a business in Belgium) or with Belgian personnel (see Personnel in Belgium). Of course, we also advise foreign-based companies with business partners in Belgium (see Distribution, Contracts & General Terms and Conditions in Belgium) and we assist our foreign clients in disputes before Belgian courts (see Litigation in Belgium).

Like no other law firm, we know that foreign clients do business, work, live and invest in Belgium. This enables us to provide even better support to foreign clients with interests in Belgium. It is very important to us that we advise and accompany our clients in all business-relevant areas of law.

Our law firm offers legal and tax support and assists foreign companies as early as the market entry stage in Belgium. Our lawyers are highly qualified, multilingual and are available to advise and assist you. The different areas of expertise of our law firm and our extensive network enable us to provide foreign companies with comprehensive support in their activities in Belgium. Problem-solving, hands-on and effective. This is how we have created a One-Stop-Shop for doing business in Belgium!

Consulting and litigation

Our law firm supports and advises foreign entrepreneurs who are active on the Belgian market and wish to obtain advice on Belgian law or assistance in legal proceedings pending in Belgium. We are your contact for all legal and tax issues relating to your business in Belgium and support foreign entrepreneurs in particular in the areas of labour law, commercial and corporate law as well as tax law.

Common topics on which we advise foreign enterprises and lead court proceedings are:

  1. Establishment of a Belgian subsidiary or establishment of a branch in Belgium (see Establishment of a business in Belgium).
  2. Drafting and reviewing contracts under Belgian law (see Distribution, Contracts & General Terms and Conditions in Belgium)
  3. Labour law issues relating to Belgian personnel (e.g. recruitment and dismissal) (see Personnel in Belgium)
  4. International employment and secondment of employees to Belgium (see Secondment to Belgium)
  5. Takeover of a Belgian company by a foreign company (see Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A))
  6. Debt recovery from Belgian clients or business partners (see Litigation and Enforcement in Belgium)
  7. Tax consequences of a business presence in Belgium (see Tax Law)

Our firm has many years of practical experience in assisting foreign enterprises with their cross-border activities in Belgium. We also closely follow international developments in order to be able to provide you with competent support in all tax and legal matters.

In addition, over the years we have built up a broad network of foreign advisors (including tax advisors and lawyers) with whom we cooperate intensively. We can therefore provide the link between our foreign clients and these advisors.

We bridge the differences between foreign countries and Belgium

Doing business in Belgium offers foreign companies numerous opportunities and advantages, but also raises various (legal) issues that you should consider when preparing to enter the Belgian market. Despite the EU Single Market, the legal systems in Belgium and foreign countries are still very different. In addition, the national legal systems often do not take into account the specificities of cross-border business transactions and they are not coordinated with each other. This inhibits the development of cross-border activities, creates additional administrative burdens and leads to complex legal issues.

However, this should not worry you: Our law firm quickly provides foreign companies with the right perspective and helps with specialised advice so that you can concentrate on your core business and success in Belgium.


By combining our expertise, we can offer foreign companies legal and tax support. For example, we can help you prepare your activities in Belgium (see Market entry in Belgium), establish a Belgian subsidiary and deal with the day-to-day tax and legal issues that a presence in Belgium entails.

With our advice, we want to play our part in your success. In order to avoid unpleasant surprises when entering the Belgian market, we have expanded our services in recent years with Belgian partners. For the establishment and support of Belgian subsidiaries and branches, we work together with established partners from various fields: Accountants, tax advisors, notaries, bailiffs, etc. We can also support you through our network when opening a bank account, obtaining a registered office or opening a business representative office, taking out insurance or setting up your Belgian payroll. You can find an overview of the services that we and our partners offer, as well as a cost estimate for these services, on the page Establishing a business in Belgium.

In this way, we offer you a One-Stop-Shop for entering the Belgian market, where we guide you through the entire process in close coordination with our partners. You do not have to search for partners in a country you do not (yet) know. We put together a competent team of specialists for you, customised according to your requirements, and act as your central contact. In short, we can relieve your company of all its worries, both at the beginning of your activities in Belgium and for the duration of your presence in Belgium.

Welcome to Belgium and good luck!

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