Wealth management

Estate planning

In the context of your wealth management (estate planning), all sorts of questions may arise such as: Should I prefer to maintain my assets in a company or not? How can I maintain control over the donated assets? How can I build in financial security? Our tax lawyers can help you with these questions and support you in the legal and tax optimisation of your assets.

A common concern is the succession of the family business. The Flemish Region has a favourable tax regime for the transfer of family businesses so that you can allow the next generation to continue your business without a financial hangover. Through our analysis, you will know exactly what measures are needed to meet the conditions of this favourable tax regime.

In addition, some of your family members, whom you wish to favour, may live abroad. As a result, foreign legislation must also be taken into account. Especially in an international context, extra caution is therefore advisable as many countries have not yet concluded double taxation treaties on gift and inheritance tax. The risk of double taxation on an international donation or inheritance is therefore genuine.

Advice from specialists is therefore recommended in this matter. Our tax lawyers can help you manage your accumulated assets or transfer them to the next generation in a tax-friendly way.

Taxes when emigrating and immigrating

More and more people are emigrating to another country. When you leave Belgium or move to Belgium, there will be tax consequences.

In the first instance, it is always important to analyse whether there is a question of migration for tax purposes. Qualification as a tax resident plays an essential role here and is interpreted very factually under Belgian law. Not surprisingly, this concept often gives rise to debate.

In addition, migration will have an impact on the tax treatment of your assets and income. Our tax lawyers will make this analysis with you so that you know where you stand from a tax point of view.

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