Expanding your business to international markets can provide great potential for growth and diversification. On the other hand, international business comes with the often-unpredictable pitfalls of the application of foreign law and tax systems. Our firm specialises in providing professional legal and tax (and often also linguistic and cultural) guidance to foreign companies, doing business in Belgium.

Our lawyers are specialised in dealing with cross-border legal cases and can assist foreign corporations in dealing with the Belgian law and tax system. As a result of many years’ experience in dealing with cross-border matters as well as foreign law studies, our lawyers have profound knowledge of several foreign law systems. This allows us to advise foreign entrepreneurs about the – often subtle but far-reaching – differences between Belgian law and the law of their home country.

Within the framework of our international legal support, we have built up extensive expertise in supporting employers in the context of cross-border employment, secondment, etc. and we are on a daily basis active with regard to international tax issues and international commercial agreements, such as distribution, agency and (software) licensing agreements. The establishment of a Belgian subsidiary, the adaptation of general terms and conditions to the requirements of Belgian law and the collection of unpaid invoices in Belgium are also part of our daily practice.

In order to facilitate doing business in Belgium, we have created a onestop shop for foreign businesses, assisting from the start of the activities to daily tax and accountancy matters. To adequately meet the increasing complexity of international business, our firm has established partnerships with both Belgian and foreign tax advisers, accountants and payroll administrations.

Marco Wirtz and Thomas Hermie are our contact persons for international business.


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